Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Mother's heart

There's nothing sweeter than the love of a mother to her child.
In this month, specially to all of mommies out there, my wishes of  a Happy Mother's Month.

It can be an expecting mom (like me!), mommy with young babies or toddlers, school age kids or grown ups with their own children (hello grandma!). It's all about dedication, sacrifice, LOVE.

As women, there are so many things that challenge us from inside out, every day, day-after-day. But the biggest challenge of all is having-raising-taking care of a child. This is a lifetime FULL-time work.

I applause all of us who put our hearts onto our kids for their goodness. They are blessed. So are

This photo is from one of my boards at Pinterest. I love how the baby is held and the sweetness behind the big hand.

I'll be in my first prenatal doctor visit tomorrow. And no matter what awaits for me, I know I'm blessed and God is in control of everything.


Happy Mother's Month!

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