Sunday, May 24, 2009

Be joyful

Happiness is elusive in this life. Because it's an emotion - like sadness and anger - it comes and goes with the circumstances. Joy is different. It's the permanent condition of the heart that's right with God. It isn't based on circumstances, but rather the known outcome - eternity with God. So let us forget about the persuit of happiness and embrace joy. It won't fail us...even in the darkest days and most trying hours. Rejoice!
(adapted from the Happiness... Every Day Blessings by Barbour)
This is what I tell myself every time things seem to be out of control, actually ...well, "my" own control.
I confess I have my weakness and fears. Who doesn't?
The secret is to know when to let it be and BE JOYFUL.
Sometimes it may sounds weird or hard to follow - in our eyes, under some circumstances. But this is the moment to believe we're not alone and everything can be-will be...all right. Under God's control.

After becoming a mom myself I learned in many different ways. One of them - hard way(my own) and other, a joyful way. Today I'm glad to say I'm so blessed by having a child and getting the chance to know this.
Thank you Dear Father.
"A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but the heartache crushes the spirit."
Prov. 15:13
Have a great day.
Lya L.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beyond Mother's Day

"The Lord your God will lead you and protect you on every side."
Isaiah 52:12 GNT

Protection - We all have fears...fear of harm, fear of losing a child or other loved one or even meaningful object, fear of being alone, fear of failure. When our fears rise up and threaten to overcome us. When we feel sick in the pit of stomach and our hearts ache with anxiety...remember this. God is with us, every day, every hour, every moment. So let us focus on Him, really focus. And we'll see that all fears are nothing more than speculation that is swept away in His presence.
(adapted from Every day blessings by Barbour)
A mother knows the joy and struggle she carries day by day. As well as the up and down (sort of) whirlwinds she finds to take care as "it-must-be", of her child, counting each of them. And in between day and night hours of her daily mommy duties she just try her best to ensure the comfort and well being of the child. These are countless words to describe the effort of a mother to give the child her love, and PROTECTION. This is just the wonderful thing of a mother.

Children are gifts from Heaven and mothers are angels God sent to care and protect them.
I'm not sure who said this It's so true.
That's why we should always remember this and I found because it is still , we should be even more grateful - for our lives - for these women of our lives, AND God's Love - so every single day may be a blessing.

Don't think we need to live in a wonderland with sea-of-roses to enjoy and be thankful. We all have our burdens and struggles. And we know we can learn precious things all the way through.

So...once again, let's celebrate...BEYOND MOTHER'S DAY!!

For today: the keepsake box above - simply entitled "LOVE" with its coordinated MotherDay card.

It's never too late. Get inspired and make your own gift for the special woman of your life!
God Bless you always!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be kind

"Who can find a virtuous woman?
for her price is far above rubies....
She openeth her mouth with wisdom;
and in her tongue is the law of kindness."
Prov. 31-10,26 KJV

Kindness is often misunderstood. It does not mean stepping back and letting others dictate to us. And it doen't mean coddling and indulging others. It means being gentle, friendly, benevolent and generous with another, especially when there is no expectation of receiving anything from in return. We don't have to go looking for opportunities TO BE KIND, they'll appear on their own dozens of times a day. So, be kind. Just like our heavenly Father.
(adapted from Everyday Blessings - by Barbour)

Well...I know people who just act like they are rude or selfish. They may not really care what others might think about their attitudes or they just are "out-of-their-minds"... as my mom says.
And for time to time, these people keep doing all sort of things that really make other's day darker or heavier.
However, I believe from my heart, that they can still wake up one day and realize how far they went by hurting others through bad behavior or hostile words. I also believe, they are not really happy by being such type of humans. They may have been hurt once themselves or just don't want to give what they never had.

And this is the exact point of divergence you'll find between a person who in fact, knows how to respect and undestand what other means to be.
God knows their hearts.

I'd like to say that in my own circle of acquaintaces - there are mean and judgemental people in the church as well as gentle and kind people that don't keep reminding us if they are indeed believers or not. This second group is just those kind of friends or relatives that is so heartwarming and friendly to be around, while the first group always make us feel that something is not going good enough - I mean, never.

This is what I thought about for this week. About being KIND. It's not that hard to put ourselve s in "other's shoes". And I find it interesting to put here to share, since we're in the week that remembers and celebrates one of the most beautiful KINDNESS we find around us - from our dear mothers. may just be an eye contact, a hug, some kind words such like "THANK YOU" or "PLEASE", or "I'M THINKING OF YOU" or even..." LOVE YOU".
How wonderful it would be. We could make a person's day better.

In my little corner here, I made a card for someone special. Nothing exaggerated. Just a reminder that she is special just the way she is. Kind and lovely one.

Keep in touch, with your heart.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

it's a brand new day

...then we say FAITH.

"Faith is not something you commit to once then don't think about again. Instead it's something that alerts you every day to possibilities and opportunities. God has called us to live a life of vibrant faith, open to His direction, keeping our eyes on Him. Day by day we'll see His faithfulness and our faith will grow. Soon we'll stop worrying about what is around the next corner. We'll know with certainty that the two of us can handle any eventuality."
(adapted from book Every day Blessings - Barbour)

Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong.
Let all that you do be done in love.
I Corinthians 16:13-14(NRSV)
The idea of creating a blog that allows me to share my feelings as christian woman and my passion for paper and the artful ways around it just pop(ed)-up weeks ago. I wasn't sure if this it is in fact, a good thing to do, since I'm not really a blog people, although as paper crafter (I called myself just so) I like and appreciate blogs out there with layouts that please my eyes and their valuable and informative contents.
Yet this year I've already joined to the blogging world with my 2 other blogs*. So (FYI) this one would be the 3rd. I think it is not bad for someone that hadn't be a blogger before.
*I can share with you in my future postings about my other blogs.
Now, why this blog?
It started with a wish in my heart, like a little voice calling, to create it.
And the name for it was so obvious to me. Actually it came right away.
So here it is: Paper Artist With Faith.
A spot to enjoy & share something I'm creating* with my papers and THEN "enforce" the true meaning of FAITH, in my life.
Other good stuff will surely coming out naturally as part of this process.
Until then....may God Bless you!
Look again the picture I posted above. It's how He wants to tell you about the LOVE.