Sunday, June 21, 2009


Jesus said,"Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."
Matthew 6:8

God wants you to have everything you need for a great life. But sometimes we pray and things don't happen when we expect them to. You must trust that His timing is perfect. None of us live in a vacuum. Sometimes your request requires compliance on the part of other people, and they may not be prompt to respond. DON'T GIVE UP. God will answer your prayer in the perfect way at the perfect time.
(adapted from Every Day Blessings, from Barbour)

This is such a true thing. And I really believe so.
God knew my heart so well that my prayers were answered in such an amazing ways.
When I first met my husband - I felt so sure he is the answer of my prayer. For these years I had been searching and waiting for the right person to be my life's partner, I was so grateful for him and his life, like a little girl with an entire heart fully filled with sweetness and thankfulness that can only come from her lovely father, providing just what she needs.
A time after our beautiful wedding, I was once again blessed by getting the answer for my prayer...when I found out I was pregnant - carrying the little seed of our love - and everything went by in so smooth way. I meant it because I thought I was not in my best shape and healthy condition. Our little prince came to our world, bringing along joy, happiness and so many countless wonderful things that changed my life forever.

Since then Father's Day became such a special event for me.
For the great dad I have in earth, the sweet daddy my husband turned into the first day of our baby's born, and the most important - and ALWAYS...the amazing FATHER we have, watching and loving us, in ways we can't even imagine, in time we even don't know. There, forever.

THANK YOU, all of you. For keeping my life such a joy and bless!


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