Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Comfort for broken hearts

What happened to the Air France Flight 447 really made me feel how precious, yet fragile, we are as humankind. Mostly the people even have no idea how susceptible they are in all aspects of their lives. And how blessed we can be, just being what we are, with people we care about, doing something we appreciate. In a very ordinary and simple way.

I felt very - deeply sad when I saw on TV the confirmation of the airplane crash into the Atlantic. Even though I was already convinced that the 228 passengers wouldn't get chances giving the situation. But as any other one with a hopeful heart - I really wished to hear about some kind of "miracles" for those people.

Well...I'm attached to things related to Brazil ...not only because I have lots of friends and relatives living there, but the friendly people, amazing beaches, the diversity in a rich manner.
And news like this is actually like a horror movie playing true.

The fact of the flight ended in such tragic way really shocked me. With people from so different countries and backgrounds - leaving behind lots of crying hearts - women (wives, daughters, mothers and good friends...) who lost their love ones.

So I have a thought. Let's pray for their comfort. No matter if you're a stranger or a friend to those people. Just let us think of them and pray that God, make them find His Comforter inside of them. Because He hears every cry.

God has given us another gift filled with His love and comfort - the holy scriptures. As you read about Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Esther, Ruth, Job, David, Elijah, Mary, and Paul, we'll see how God comforted them in their darkest hours. He will certainly do the same for us. Be encouraged. Place the hope in His Goodness. He will comfort His children, and we can be sure of that.
(adapted from Every Day Blessings - from Barbour)

The Lord will hear you crying, and he will comfort you. When he hears you, he will help you.
Isaiah 30:19 ncv

May God touch your heart today.

Lya L.

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