Monday, May 28, 2012

a beautiful tote and cup with...

...reminders of God's love for us.
This post is about what people believe and what they do based on this belief.
I'm honored to be able to participate in May's review for the Dayspring "Inspired Deals".

I have always been a lover of Dayspring cards and products, for their quality and wonderful message found in each of them.
About a couple of months ago, I started to visit (in)courage, and since then this place has been like fresh air to my soul, in my moments of quietness or struggles, I like to stop by and stay for a while.
It makes me happy. It makes me cry or smile. It brings sunshine to my heart.

It's a place to find inspirations.

For this month, Dayspring sent me this beautiful set of tote and cup for review. it's a gorgeous set of tote and cup. The front of the tote has the words of Psalm 103:2 "I will bless the Lord". And the cup...well, it's just so pretty.
These are the things we can use everyday while thinking about how God's presence can change our life.

Visit the Dayspring (in)spired deals page to order the set - it's in the May's featured items and you'll get a great discount!

I was given this tote and teacup from the Dayspring (in)spired line of products in exchange for a review. Although I was given a free product, opinions expressed here are all my own. No other form of compensation was received.

God Bless you and yours,

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