Monday, April 9, 2012

"Deus Pode Fazer(o impossivel acontecer)"

The title today is in Brasilian Portuguese, which means "God Can Make A Way...".
Months ago I taught a gospel song in portuguese to my 5 years-young son. While we're playing and singing along, I knew he would learn the new words and keeping the melody in his little mind, but i never thought that he would remember and sing this song to me, few hours before I receive a shocking news and would need all the strength I could get...
And would be a blessing to me and to remind me of God's Love and Faith - through my little one's innocence reflected on to the meaning of its lyrics.

Today I was told by my dad that my mom's doctors found through her newest exams, images that are probably related to malign tumors. She has been in unknown pain for a while and suddenly I saw the reason of her sufferings. Those were not only connected to muscle and bone disfunctions, not a simple fibromyalgia, but something else, with much impact and surely deeper.

She's been into so many things in her life, during past years and now, I can see how this will be a life changing event to her, definitely.

I pray that God keeps her heart strong and makes her feel she is not alone. Give us wisdom to deal with all the upcoming changes to ours and specially her routine.

This is part of the song, in portuguese:

Deus pode fazer, o impossivel acontecer.
Ira fazer, acontecer, o que nao posso entender..
Sempre me guiara - e tambem me guardara.
Com forca e amor, a cada dia, Ele ira fazer...algo novo acontecer.

The photo you see is when we got the guitar and my little J enjoying his new "toy'.

This is a brazilian version of "God can make a way". One of my firsts and favorites.
Here's an English version video i found.

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